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In our busy lives we get stuck in mental muddle – dwelling in the past and worrying about the future.  Our busy brains are dominated by a maladaptive limbic system and we’re stuck in fight, flight, or freeze.  We grind away at our desks and our bodies are stiff and painful.  Our mind and body is unwell.  We are heavy with dis-ease.

Hi, I’m Steve Beattie the founder and lead instructor at Breathing In Nature. I followed the expected path through life.  Did well in high school, went to university, got a job. I did everything I was supposed to do.


But I was miserable…


I always longed for something more. There were moments in my life where I had clarity and purpose, driving for something greater. But I always fell back on the mundane, the average. For me to move forward in my life was going to require me to go into the darkness, but I was too scared.

This fear of confronting this darkness in my life lead to disease. And lead to the darkest moment of my life where I was lying in a hospital bed thinking I was going to die. Learn more about Steves’ journey…

It was in this time of darkness and despair that I discovered the power of our breath.

Connecting with your breath is the gateway to reclaiming your health. Physical, emotional, spiritual. For years I worked with people who where suffering from chronic pain. They had gone through many forms of physical therapy to ‘heal’ a physical injury, but they never looked at the ‘why?’.

Your body whispers before it screams.

We have been trained to ignore the emotional distress – the ‘ordinary’ stress and anxiety – of everyday living. We have been trained to hide our emotions. Deep psychic injuries are buried deep within our minds and bodies. Hidden in the shadow.


Let’s begin. Learning to connect with your breath is the first step to unlocking the emotional blocks that are draining your energy, causing you pain, and hurting your relationships.

In the 60 minute online class, The Stoic Breath you will learn to use your breath to achieve a deep state of meditation. Starting with a simple observation of your breath you will notice a shift away from the distractions of your mind and become aware of the subtle rhythms of your body – Breath, Heart, Life. As you take control of your breath you will begin to unlock the power within you to reduce stress, boost creativity, and observe a deeper level of Self. 

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The online course ~breathe~ will help you find the tools you need to unleash your true self. To connect with the wild one within you that dreamed and hoped for a life worth living. Heal the injuries of the past and learn to manage stress and build the focus and resilience you need to truly thrive in our modern world.

YES! I want to learn to breathe again.