The story of Steve and how he got to now.

Let’s start with the public stuff. Here are a series of links that discuss my growth over the past few years.

The Finnish Parliament Podcast – This apple podcast came at the end of an amazing day at The Polar Retreat. It was about polar opposites. Yoga/Bootcamp. Silent Journaling/Open Discussion. Sauna/Ice Bath. And so much more. Guess what i taught!? I talk about how and why I became a Wim Hof Method Instructor.

Luknosis – Podcast #66 The Wim Hof Method – We get heavy into the science of the WHM and a few more details about my story.

StoiconX – This was the second talk I did for the Stoics. I talk about how a breath meditation practice, like the Wim Hof Method, is a practice of Stoicism – learning to notice whats truly on your mind. There are many beliefs of the ancient Greeks that would suggest they had a breath practice of some sort. On a personal note, this was also the start of my exploration into the energy centres of the body – the Chakras. Yes, the Stoics recognized energetic centres in the body. Nearly every culture does.

The Shadow Master – I get very raw and vulnerable in this talk. This is just a short clip from a much longer interview. I’ll post the full feature when it’s available. A have often said the body whispers before it screams. Trauma from my past, that I ignored and pushed down, deep inside, was the root cause of my mysterious inflammatory problem. My body was screaming but I was too scared to listen.