The story of Steve and how he got to now.

Hi, I’m Steve Beattie the founder and lead instructor at Breathing In Nature. I followed the expected path through life.  Did well in high school, went to university, got a job. I did everything I was supposed to do.

But I was miserable…

I always longed for something more. There were moments in my life where I had clarity and purpose, driving for something greater. But I always fell back on the mundane, the average. For me to move forward in my life was going to require me to go into the darkness, but I was too scared.

This fear of confronting this darkness in my life lead to disease. And lead to the darkest moment of my life where I was lying in a hospital bed thinking I was going to die.

It was in this time of darkness and despair that I discovered the power of our breath.

Connecting with your breath is the gateway to reclaiming your health. Physical, emotional, spiritual. For years I worked with people who where suffering from chronic pain. They had gone through many forms of physical therapy to ‘heal’ a physical injury, but they never looked at the ‘why?’.

Your body whispers before it screams.

We have been trained to ignore the emotional distress – the ‘ordinary’ stress and anxiety – of everyday living. We have been trained to hide our emotions. Deep psychic injuries are buried deep within our minds and bodies. Hidden in the shadow.

And now for some Podcasts and such.

I got to hang out with my good friend Jesse Coomer from The Midwest Method.  We talked about…well… EVERYTHING.  We shared our origin stories, our journey with breathwork, our thoughts on the state of personal development.  We could have kept going.  I think we will do it again.

The Finnish Parliament Podcast – This apple podcast came at the end of an amazing day at The Polar Retreat. It was about polar opposites. Yoga/Bootcamp. Silent Journaling/Open Discussion. Sauna/Ice Bath. Guess what i taught!? And so much more. I talk about how and why I became a Wim Hof Method Instructor.

Open Apple Podcast.

This was the second talk I did for the Stoics. I talk about how a breath meditation practice, like the Wim Hof Method, is a practice of Stoicism – learning to notice whats truly on your mind. There are many beliefs of the ancient Greeks that would suggest they had a breath practice of some sort. On a personal note, this was also the start of my exploration into the energy centres of the body – the Chakras. Yes, the Stoics recognized energetic centres in the body. Nearly every culture does.

Luknosis – Podcast #66 The Wim Hof Method – We get heavy into the science of the WHM and a few more details about my story.

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I get very raw and vulnerable in this talk. This is just a short clip from a much longer interview. I’ll post the full feature when it’s available. A have often said the body whispers before it screams. Trauma from my past, that I ignored and pushed down, deep inside, was the root cause of my mysterious inflammatory problem. My body was screaming but I was too scared to listen.