Breathing In Nature
The Book

It all starts with the breath. Working with our breath is a direct path to an optimal state of body and mind. The breath is our life force. We can use it to serve us any way we like: to energize and motivate, to calm and soothe, to reset and find clarity and peace. When we breathe in unison we connect and synchronize with others. We can connect with our spirit when we breathe in nature. Breathing deeply and mindfully allows us to let emotions, thoughts and sensations come and go, to sink down into all our unwanted and neglected parts, our shadows, our darkness. We learn about ourselves and our joys, our love, our power. Body, mind, heart and spirit. All of it. Along the same line, you’ll notice that whenever something is wrong,, our breath will be one of the first indicators: it’ll become laboured, jagged, shallow, short, heavy or it’ll speed up. We might sometimes feel like we cannot breathe at all. And for all of us with our last breath, it will stop. Taking control of our breath is taking control of our lives.

No one said meditation was easy and there are many misconceptions about what it is. Before you dive into the breathwork found in The Journal, start here with this guided introduction to meditation.

Follow along to the 4-7-8 rhythm of breath control. The soothing binaural beats will quickly shift you away from your busy mind and into the dreaming.

The body relaxation meditation takes a little practice, but once you get it you will return to it over and over. I do this meditation when I’m feeling drained instead of an afternoon nap, which often leaves me feeling more drained.

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