Breath courses



Are you ready to make some changes? This course is the culmination of over 10 years of experience and education with breath and body work. In this course you will unleash the skills you need to observe the ‘self’. Why you act the way you act. Why you feel the way you feel. Whether you want to ease a nervous energy within you, understand the cause and effect of chronic stress in your life, or begin the heal old wounds. It is all about:


Over the course of 7 days you will download:

  • The Body Meditation
  • The Breath Meditation
  • The Perform Meditation
  • The Gently Breathe Meditation
  • And your own copy of The Stoic Breath. 

This is a ‘do at your own pace’ video course with modules released each day over 7 days.  The downloads are yours to keep forever – please don’t share them. 

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One on One Coaching

With personal coaching you will go deeper into your breathwork and meditation to uncover some of the blocks that are holding you back. I will share the more intimate parts of my personal journey as i guide you deep into the shadow self.

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