Hape Breath – Live


In this 90 min sacred ceremony of breathwork and tobacco you will be guided deep into the inner space of awareness. If you have attended the Stoic Breath you will be familiar with the format. All will be explained if you’re new to breathwork. After several rounds of breathing and breath holds you will be invited to receive the sacred amazonian Hapé. This is a powerful 3rd eye opener that relaxes your body and clears your mind.

Hape is served by blowing it into the nose using a special applicator called a Tepi. The first time can be quite intense but that intensity soon passes and you will feel a grounding wave of relaxation. If you have experience with the medicine feel free to bring your own tools. If you are immune-compromised or uncomfortable with social closeness then this event is not for you.

How to prepare:

Please don’t have a large meal right before the session. A light, healthy dinner without alcohol is great. Wear comfortable clothes like you would for a yoga class with an extra layer to put on. Some people get chilly during breathwork. You will be lying or sitting on the floor so you will need a yoga mat.

Time: 7pm – 8:30pm

Date: Friday, 21 April 2023

Location: 66 Pacific Ave. Unit 1011, Buzzer Code #2447

Street parking is available or we are seconds away from the High Park Subway Station.

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1 in stock


During these times of Covid we work very hard to keep a sanitized and safe environment. Your guides at Breathing In Nature take regular test to ensure a clean bill of health. Groups are limited to below the government guidelines so we can all be at ease during the day. Because of the small group size refunds are not possible, but you can transfer your ticket to someone else.