Gift Economy Project

It’s an energy exchange. I share my energy with you – you share your energy with me.

If you wish to share your energy by the way of financial support, you can do so here:

Be sure to wait for the Paypal redirect to get your MEMBERS password, it changes every month.

You can also set PayPal to make a monthly payment in whatever amount is right for you. 

That’s right!  With your gift of support for the Stoic Breath you get access to the MEMBERS page.  Here you will find the weekly recording of The Stoic Breath, a weekly meditation video, and you can take part in a monthly health challenge.  And so much more…

During these troubled times it was important for me to continue working with people who were going through a lot of stress and anxiety. But many are unable to pay for memberships, events, or one-on-one work.


I now offer my energy freely to all who need it.  In exchange, you can offer your energy in the way of money, support, services, or ideas.

Some points to ponder:
  • How much would this cost in the real world?
    • Public class.  Private session
  • What did I get out of this experience?
    •  Just curious. I need this in my life. Personal Transformation.
  • What do I spend money on without really thinking about it? 
    • Coffee shop everyday. A drink after work. Dinner out. Shopping spree!
Still not sure?

(or just tell me the damn price!)

  • A drop in class ranges from $10 to $50 depending on where in the world you are.
  • For Fascial Stretch Therapy it’s $200 to $500 per session (up to 3 hours).
  • Private guided breath and meditation session $100 to $150.
  • Wilderness trips are $250 to $350/day.

Thank you for your help and support.

much love