Have you heard the news?

Mindfulness is good for your business.

In our busy lives we get stuck in mental muddle — dwelling in the past and worrying about the future.  Our busy brains are dominated by a maladaptive limbic system and we’re stuck in fight, flight, or freeze.  We grind away at our desks and our bodies are stiff and painful.  Our mind and body is unwell.  We are heavy with dis-ease.

In the first study of its kind for Canada, Deloitte research recently revealed that companies can expect a positive return on investment (ROI) for their workplace mental health initiatives.

The report, called The ROI in workplace mental health programs: Good for people, good for business, shows that companies with mental health programs in place for one year had a median annual ROI of $1.62 for every dollar invested. For companies with programs in place for three or more years, the median annual ROI is more than double—valued at $2.18 for every dollar spent.

I can help you bring the benefits of mindfulness to your company, and help you create a culture change to help you realize similar results, as part of your mental health and overall wellness strategy.


In this 20-45 minute Lunch & Learn style class you will learn the science behind Breathwork.  I will guide you through some simple exercises to observe your breath and change your state from distress to eustress.

In this 45-90 minute class, you will learn to use your breath to achieve a deep state of meditation. Starting with a simple observation of your breath you will notice a shift away from the distractions of your mind and become aware of the subtle rhythms of your body — Breath, Heart, Life.

In this 45-90 minute class you will learn all about the 3 Pillars of the Wim Hof Method – Breath, Cold, Commitment.  There’s no ice bath in this session, but you will experience the power of the first pillar – Breath

My 12 session program for Individuals and small groups uses the Heroic Journey arch to go within. You will discover your values, your strengths, and weakness. You will discover yourself.

Let’s spend the day together!  I will work with you to design the perfect Corporate Training Event your team has ever experienced.  No boring lectures on how to be a better employee.  Learn all the tools to be a better human – parent, spouse, athlete, executive.  Whatever you want is within your reach.

Steve Beattie, the Corporate Trainer.

When I became very sick with an inflammatory issue, I looked to alternatives to the typically medically prescribed treatments (many of which caused their own serious problems). My research brought me to the breathing and cold exposure of the Wim Hof Method (WHM). It helped my immediate symptoms, and it moved me towards long term healing. What I didn’t expect was the positive shift in my mental health. I realized as I practiced the WHM that while I didn’t suffer from mental illness, I didn’t have mental wellness.

Our breath is the link between our mind and our body. I have studied many different breath work modalities over the years. From ancient shamanic practices of India to the modern shaman Wim Hof, what was once grounded in mysticism is now understood by science.

Through my Breathing and Meditation coaching, I help clients continue their wellness journey to make lasting personal transformations by developing their own daily practice. We focus on becoming more mindful, focusing on improving personal resilience and perseverance in dealing with the many challenges we face on a daily basis. I do this in both one-on-one and group sessions. This training also extends to corporate coaching, where I help companies introduce this shift to mindfulness that in turn supports a cultural change resulting in greater productivity, improved employee retention, and a reduction in health and wellness absenteeism.

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